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NBCFA Membership

General membership in the Food Alliance is free and open to all individuals and organizations committed to building a stronger local food system in New Brunswick. Begin today and Sign Up Online to become a member of the Food Alliance. To learn more about membership, read below.

Five Workgroups

Members participate in one of five workgroups that carry out the mission of the Food Alliance. These groups work together on issues and projects related to Agriculture, Advocacy and Policy, Community Engagement, Food Economic Development, and Healthy Food Access.

Each workgroup is a hands-on gathering of people who want to create a more sustainable and just food system in New Brunswick. Workgroups meet at least once every other month, and members can be involved in more than one workgroup. Begin by attending a workgroup meeting, and make sure to join one or more of our online groups to stay connected.

17 Voting Members

There are seventeen voting members of the NBCFA, including nine representatives from various working communities of the food system listed below, five community representatives, and three representatives from the city government: one representative each from the Mayor’s Office, the City Council, and the Environmental Commission.

Working communities of the food system represented on the NBCFA include:

  • Food business community (retail food stores, distributors, restaurants, food industry workers)
    Other local businesses (hotels, industry, etc.)
  • Schools (pre K through 12)
  • University (research and grant support, Cooperative Extension, urban planning, etc.)
  • Community-based organizations
  • Sustainable agriculture (farmers markets, urban agriculture)
  • Nutrition and health (SNAP-Ed, NJ Partnership for Healthier Kids-NB, Healthier NB, healthcare providers, etc.)
  • Emergency food providers

Two Commitees

Membership Committee

  • Reviews the initial prospective voting members of the NBCFA.
  • Coordinates community and youth engagement. Recruit and maintain membership.

Operations Committee

  • Administrative Role: Review agenda items, convene meetings, and maintain records of
    meeting attendance and proceedings.
  • Communications: Create awareness and visibility of the NBCFA within the New Brunswick
    community and beyond. Produce an initial food system report and subsequent reports and
    documents as needed. Communicate activities to the members of the NBCFA.
  • Evaluation: Develop metrics to measure progress and evaluate the workgroup and NBCFA
    processes and outcomes. Support ongoing collection of data, benchmarking, and monitoring of the NBCFA’s overall impact.