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Mission, Vision, and Goals

The New Brunswick Community Food Alliance (NBCFA) brings together city residents and youth, college students, community leaders, and local government to build a sustainable and just food system in our city. Our mission is to ensure that all New Brunswick residents have access to nutritious, safe, affordable, and culturally appropriate food at all times. We invite all who are interested to Join the Alliance in making the food system work for everyone in New Brunswick.

Our Vision

The vision of the NBCFA is for New Brunswick to become a hunger-free community that:

  • Supports easy access to healthy and affordable foods, knowledge and skills about healthy food choices, and understanding of the food system;
  • Supports sustainable agriculture practices that contribute to its economic vitality
  • Treats its residents, workers, and visitors with respect, justice, and dignity throughout the food system.

Our Mission

The NBCFA is committed to the development and maintenance of a sustainable local food system in the city of New Brunswick so that all of its residents have access to adequate amounts of nutritious, safe, affordable, and culturally appropriate food at all times in socially acceptable ways and enjoy the health and economic benefits of a strong local food system.

Our Goals

The New Brunswick Community Food Alliance will:

  • Explore methods and provide recommendations to ensure that healthy, safe, affordable and culturally appropriate food is readily available to every New Brunswick resident.
  • Increase residents’ knowledge on how making healthy food choices can positively influence public health, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability.
  • Place food security and food systems on the city administration’s agenda to influence the local, regional and national dialog on food policy.
  • Promote community economic development for the creation of living wage jobs and local engagement and ownership in many sectors of the food system.
  • Promote local, sustainable agriculture and help New Brunswick transition to a local food system that supports energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable practices in all sectors.